No Closing Cost Home Mortgage
How It Works:

No Points

No Title Insurance Fee

No Processing Fee

No Underwriting Fee

No Recording Fee

No Fees Rolled In

No Hidden Costs

No Time to recoup your closing costs

No Surprises!

Is It Right For You?

In many cases the answer is YES. Especially if you plan on selling or refinancing your home in the next three to five years or if interest rates drop again. You can lower your interest rate and your term without paying fees or closing costs and save money each month. This makes good financial sense

The average homeowner either sells or refinances their home every five to seven years. Ask yourself how many times you paid closing costs. If you listen to my radio show on KWTO am 560, you know that it’s the term of the loan that saves you the most amount of money- not the rate! If we can lower your payment without you paying thousands of dollars, then maybe it’s right for you.

Now after saying all that, I would like to say this….While no-cost loans sound attractive, they are NOT always for everyone. I would rather talk to you about your personal situation. Let’s drill down into no-closing cost loans to see if one is right for you.